Dried Beans

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Origin: Ethiopia
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We buy direct from Farmers cooperative union (40%), from Commodity Exchange (40%) and Individual farmers (20%). All our products are conventional and Natural.

Category: Pulses

Additional Information

Certification: HACCP(Pending)
Type: White Pea Beans, Soya Beans, Black Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, Cream Beans
Packaging: Sacks
Minimum Quantity: 1 Container
Maximum Quantity: Depends on availability
Label: Unbranded or Bulk
Packaging Description: We pack in PP bag of seaworthy for Export as per buyers' bag mark in 25/50Kgs. Dry beans and pulses are packed in suitable packages which are clean, sound, free from insect, fungal infestation and the packing material is of food grade quality. They are packed in containers which safeguards the hygienic, nutritional, technological and organoleptic qualities of the products. The containers, including packaging material, are made of substances which are safe and suitable for their intended use. They will not impart any toxic substance or undesirable odour or flavour to the product. Each package contains dry beans and pulses of the same type and of the same grade designation and are securely closed and sealed.
Organic: No
Ethically & Sustainably Sourced: Yes - Not Certified
Fair Trade: No
Samples: Available
Drop Shipping Available: Yes

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