Hibiscus Sinensi Flowers (Leaves)

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Origin: Nigeria
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Dark Red Nigerian Hibiscus Sinensi Flowers available. High quality natural food colourant grown with the highest agricultural standards. Send a WhatsApp message to +2348134563589 to enable us start talking. Email: nigeria.tropicalplants@gmail.com Tweet @TropicalSeeds

Category: Tea

Additional Information

Certification: Conventional
Type: Organic and conventional
Packaging: Sachets
Minimum Quantity: 12 Tonnes
Maximum Quantity: 100MT
Label: Branded or Whitelabeled
Packaging Description: 10 - 20kg leather sachets of Hibiscus Leaves
Organic: Yes - Not Certified
Ethically & Sustainably Sourced: Yes - Not Certified
Fair Trade: Yes - Not Certified
Samples: Available
Drop Shipping Available: Yes

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