Gorilla's Coffee

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Origin: Rwanda
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Specialty coffee, 100% Arabica, beyond fair trade

Category: Coffee

Additional Information

Certification: 1. Certificate of Quality, 2. Certificate of Origin 3. Phytosanitary/Health Certificate; 4. Weight note certificate 5. GSP or FORM A; 6. If airline is used, Master Airway Bill (MAWB); If Sea Shipped, Original Bill of Lading (OB/L) 7. Packing List 8. Original Commercial invoice; 9. Fair Trade Certificate; 10. HACCP certificate; 11. S-Mark certificate
Packaging: Sachets, Box
Minimum Quantity: 150 kg
Label: Branded or Whitelabeled
Packaging Description: 250 gr Package (Gorilla's coffee branded) 500 gr Package (Gorilla's coffee branded) 250 gr, 500 gr, and 1000 gr (Unbranded brown bags)
Organic: Yes - Not Certified
Ethically & Sustainably Sourced: Yes - Certified
Fair Trade: Yes - Certified
Samples: Available
Drop Shipping Available: No

Our African Story

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