Skin Balm

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Origin: South Africa
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These natural skin care products meet all our beauty needs, from soothing dry skin to smoothing fine lines. They are packed with antiseptic, antiinflammatory and antibacterial healing properties. KWENA Crocodile Oil Products were created out of the search for range that embodies simple practicality, verified quality, and a commitment to ethical environmental practices.

Category: Skin Care & Oils

Additional Information

Certification: Member of CECOSA CITES
Packaging: Jars, Box
Minimum Quantity: 100 jars
Maximum Quantity: 10000 per month
Label: Branded or Whitelabeled
Packaging Description: Kwena Skin Balm 100ml Kwena Skin Balm 10ml
Organic: No
Ethically & Sustainably Sourced: Yes - Certified
Fair Trade: No
Samples: Not available
Drop Shipping Available: No

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