Kenya Coffee

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Origin: Kenya
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Carefully selected beans, blended, roasted and liquored to get the top quality coffee. We roast our coffee as medium and dark roast and pack as whole beans and medium grind.

Category: Coffee

Additional Information

Certification: KEB
Type: Kenya Gourmet, Kenya AA, Kenya Espresso, Kenya Household, and Instant - avaialble as medium roast or dark roast
Packaging: Sachets, Sacks, Jars
Minimum Quantity: 1 ton
Maximum Quantity: Unlimited
Label: Branded only
Packaging Description: Minimum Order: Green Beans - 1 Ton; Roasted Coffee - 300 Kg
Organic: Yes - Not Certified
Ethically & Sustainably Sourced: Yes - Not Certified
Fair Trade: No
Samples: Available
Drop Shipping Available: Yes

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