Dear Importer,

Here at, we want to make sure we'll take down as many hurdles for you as possible when it comes to importing from Africa.

We have hence partnered with the technology driven shipping aggregation platform & company, Swiftly. Their team will assist you with any shipping needs you have - to anywhere in the world.

Here are some insights & benefits when choosing Swiftly for your freight forwarding and shipping needs:

1. Swiftly is an African led technology platform and company for the shipping industry based in Ghana.

2. Swiftly is happy to work with you no matter if you are a large business or a still somewhat inexperienced individual importer who is just getting started

3. Swiftly's apps work seamlessly on mobile phones or from a desktop browser.

4. Swiftly also offers a “shared shipping space & cost model” for customers who are starting out with tight budgets which gets them unbeatable rates and is eco friendly.

5. You can get the best freight quotes through Swiftly. How? Swiftly allows you to search for the best freight quotes. Simply click the company banner and go to their website. There you can sign up and post your package details and logistics requirements no matter the shape, size or weight. You’ll start receiving quotes from Swiftly's global partner network of trusted freight forwarders. This will allow you to compare and choose the best quote depending on your needs. The freight forwarder you approve comes to pick up your items and the shipping is done! Comparative analysis of freight rates will ensure that our importers cut down their costs while enjoying efficiency & convenience

Hop over to the website of Swiftly here or click on the company logo banner