Why Choose MyKibo

We’ll cut down the Time, Cost, and Risk for you when trading agriproducts with and from Africa

One of the biggest challenge for any trader is to find sellers in Africa. And once you’ve found them, you are not too sure if you can actually trust them or if their products are of good quality. At mykibo.com we have made it our mission to solve both challenges for you.

We’ll cut down TIME and COST for you:

You will find African sellers and exporters who are ready to work with you in the comfort of your home or office – all just a few clicks away. No need to travel to Africa or to make numerous phone calls. You can simply browse our platform and get in touch with renowned African sellers. And we will regularly add more!

We’ll cut down RISK for you:

Not only do we enable easy access to these sellers, but we are ‘hand-picking’ them to make sure we only feature experienced, reliable, and professional companies on our platform. How do we ensure this? Well, to start with, our sellers and exporters are leading and renowned players in their industry in their respective countries. Some of them are promoted by government, they are respected members of national industry associations, and they are experienced in exporting their goods outside of Africa, which means many of the quality certifications and documents required to enter the US or EU will be in place. We also foster professional partnerships with our clients through our local team on the ground. This helps us to improve delivery and to respond to any challenges should they come up.

The East African trade region has taken down many of their barriers, and that makes transporting and shipping goods across these borders easier. We are also keen to deal with countries where we have an overall enabling, conducive, and dynamic business environment, so we can cut down risk and cost for you. This is a young platform, and hence will need some time to develop it. Our focus is on quality delivery when we feature sellers. Having said that, we will be adding new sellers and products regularly and will also expand into new markets/ countries in Africa.At the moment we are featuring and working with seller from Ghana and the East African trade region. So stay tuned!

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