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I just completed the Import training course and it was fabulous! I encourage you to do this training if you are interested at all in importing a product as part of your business strategy. It gives you the steps that you need to be a successful import agent or distributor. It was the information and push that I needed to move on to my next step.
Shondra Whatley, Importer, USA
I am impressed and encouraged by the products that you have made available on Several of the products, I have often wondered how I could import and your platform has now provided a simple solution. As a member of the Diaspora, I can now fulfil a long time dream of connecting and doing business in Africa.
Robert C. McKenzie, Importer, USA
Dr. Harnet's program offers a real gateway to importing goods from Africa. Joining her program helped me launch an import business that is consistent with my values and allows me to have more balance in life. Dr. Harnet's guidance is actionable. She is direct and warm in her engagement with importer program participants. I highly recommend the Importer Program, because she has helped me grow as an entrepreneur in such a meaningful way.
Shelby, Importer, USA
We are really happy to be part of Mykibo. We could see a clear increase in product requests since joining.
Sales Manager, Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company, Supplier