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Product Description:
Packaging options: Sacks

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We have several spices such as Vanilla, it is most commonly used for desserts and baking our pods are moist and rich aroma from Zanzibar Island, Black Pepper is one of the most commonly used spices worldwide it has a sharpand mildly spicy flavor that goes well with many dishes, Cinamon stick is the aroma of the seasoning given by an essential oil. For its preparation the bark is crushed, soaked in sea water, steam distillation is applied, Ginger is organic due to the versatility of taste and aroma, ginger in fresh and ground form is added to many first courses, second courses desserts and drinks. It blends well with spices such as seasoning will be indispensable for a marinade or a sweet dish. In addition cloves are used in medicine and consmetology. Cardamom, the taste of Cardamom has a characteristic lemon nuance, combined with a decent bitterness. This spice is spicy due to the presence of a large number of essential oil. Cariander seeds are used to make many dishes especially stews, soups, Indian curries, stir-fries, and a base ingredient for making spice mixesand marinades. Hot Chilly Crushed are typically used in savoury cooking, used in desserts and blends well with chocolate adding to curries and Mexican dishes for a robust heat. Also great to add warmth to marinades, dressingsand stir fries or spinkled over pizzas. Pilau Masala Mix, used in Pilau rice its a traditional beautiful fragrant rice dish made with many aromatic spices that adds a depth of flavor to the rice. It can be made either with beef or chicken


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