Finger Millet Flour Sweetened With Date

Min Quantity: 100KG
Organic: Yes – Not Certified
Samples: Yes
Dropshipping: Yes
Packaging Description: In Branded Pouch.
Product Description:
Health Benefits Of Finger Millet {Tamba} Do you know that finger Millet is a wonder Grain Of Nutritional Importance? Finger Millet is also known as Tamba grain is a very nutritious food grown extensively around India and Africa. Its scientific name is Eleusine coracana. It is also known as Ragi in India. Finger millet is an excellent source of natural calcium that helps in strengthening bones for growing children and aging people. Research has shown that regular consumption of finger millet is good for bone health. It keeps diseases such as osteoporosis at bay. It can also reduce the risk of fracture. Finger Millet is considered the most nutritious cereal, being perceived as a potential “super cereal” by the United States National Academies. Finger Millet is good for the treatment of infantile obesity as well as for diabetic patients, cancers, heart problems e.t.c. this is because it is a portion of rich plant-based food. You may want to know-how is taken……. Well, grind it into a powdered form and there you go. It can be taken alone or in combination with other foods like groundnuts. It can be taken just the same way as a paste (pap), bolus (swallow) with desired soup, or even in a cake from it. If you have not taken finger Millet before, then now is the time to explore this nutritious grain. Enjoy while living healthy.

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Mainstream Lime-Light LTD is a reputable company that was registered in 2018 as a private limited liability entity with registration number RC 1512891 in Kebbi State Nigeria. Mainstream Lime-Light LTD has been in operation for a year with Maryam Yakubu Yanah as the principal shareholder and the Managing Director. The company is agro-based and basically into purchases and supply of agro-bases commodities in the Nigerian local market, Internationally the company is into export of Shea nuts, Shea butter, Date powder, Sweet Potato flour, Soya Beans, Cassava, Baobab fruit powder Maize, Sesame, cashew nuts, Spices, Ginger, Onion powder, other Agricultural produce in West Africa.The company has its head office based in Kebbi State in Nigeria. All our products are highly nutritious thereby solving malnutrition. And our products are good for all ages.


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