Gold Blend Coffee

International Certification: Fair Trade, FDA, and Forest Safe
Min Quantity: 1 carton per SKU
Organic: No
Samples: Yes
Dropshipping: Yes

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Kenya FlagKenya

“We are offsetting carbon for all your trades on MyKibo”

Our African Story and the people we impact

Kenya’s Arabica coffee is grown on well-drained volcanic soils mostly around the snowcapped Mt. Kenya, Aberdare ranges, Mt. Elgon, the lowlands of Ukambani, and the Kisii highlands. The coffee is handpicked and sorted to carefully select just the red ripe cherries. 90% of all Kenyan coffee is processed using the wet processing method and dried under the tropical sun so as to retain its natural taste and aroma. The care that is taken during handpicking and processing contributes to the undisputed high quality and uniqueness of the coffee which is sought for throughout the world


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