Kalahari Melon oil

International Certification: Certificate of Analysis, MSDS
Min Quantity: 0.5 Kg
Organic: Yes – Not Certified
Samples: Yes
Dropshipping: Yes
Packaging Description: Plastic Bottles
Product Description:
Plastic Bottles

Supplier Profile

Namibia FlagNamibia

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Our African Story and the people we impact

Kalahari Melon flourishes wild in the harsh, dry desert environment of Namibia. Extremely rich in proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, the oil extracted out of the seeds is the perfect cure for oily skin and brittle hair.For hundreds of years, African women used what nature gave them for living and natural oils played a central role in the daily lives of the different tribes. The tradition of how this oil is gained and for what it was used is a valuable source that has been passed from mother to daughter over centuries. It is the privilege of Namib Desert Jojoba to bring this ‘ancient liquid gold’ from Africa to you – native and cold-pressed, organic and fair.


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