SAN COFFEE Roasted coffee

Min Quantity: 5 kg
Organic: No
Samples: Yes
Dropshipping: Yes
Packaging Description: branded or whitelabeled
Product Description:
branded or whitelabeled

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Our African Story and the people we impact

500g of fresh roasted Rwanda premium coffeeOur beans are handpicked and processed on the hills of Nyamasheke, Rwanda. Our beans are great for a crisp, clean filter or drip coffee but can still produce a velvety smooth espresso. Flavour is retained well when milk is added, including alternative milk products. With tasting notes of papaya, caramel and cocoa, we assure every sip is full of delicious, bold flavour that everyone will enjoy. Every package tailored to your liking! Enquire about different roast levels. REGION: NYAMASHEKE, WESTERN PROVINCE, RWANDA PROCESSING: WET PROCESS (WASHED) DRYING METHOD: SUN-DRIED, ELEVATED PATIO ARRIVAL DATE: MAY VARIETY: BOURBON GRADE: A1 CUPPING SCORE: 86 APPEARANCE: 15-17 SCREEN ROAST RECOMMENDATIONS: MEDIUM TO MEDIUM-DARK


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