Tanzanite Coffee

Min Quantity: 10kg
Organic: No
Samples: Yes
Dropshipping: Yes
Packaging Description: Standup Pouches with Zip and Air valve
Product Description:
Our Coffee Speaks for Itself” through wonderful aroma with high quality. Tanzanite coffee are roasted in the following categories: Light roast, Medium roast, Medium-Dark roast and Dark roast. We have Light Norwegian roast with different temperature depending on the humidity of coffee to get mild, round and delicate taste hint of red-berries and chocolate.

Supplier Profile

Tanzania FlagTanzania

“We are offsetting carbon for all your trades on MyKibo”

Our African Story and the people we impact

Tanzanite Coffee Ltd is a Company dealing with Coffee Roasting, we are the best coffee Roasters in Tanzania with a capacity of roasting 2tons per day. High Quality roasted Coffee. We support our farmers by trying to educate them on the best way to keep the coffee, and we buy their coffee at a fair price via Coffee auction at Moshi -Tanzania.


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