Premium Organic Vanilla Beans Grade A

Min Quantity: 25 kg
Label: Branded or White labeled
Organic: Yes – Certified
Samples: Yes
Dropshipping: Yes
Product Description:

Gourmet Vanilla Beans Grade A are unique with an earthy wooded aroma, creamy and extremely bold in flavor with hints of chocolate, caramel, an aroma reminiscent of figs, and raisins. NY Vanilla beans are grown on the volcanic soils of Mt. Rwenzori in Uganda; the vanilla beans are ready to harvest between 6-9 months after flowering and color is an important indicator for vanilla pod maturity and daily picking. Ugandan Gourmet Vanilla beans Grade A are quite supple with a dark brown to black appearance usually a bit heavier than Madagascar Grade A Vanilla Beans, Mexican Vanilla Beans, Tahitian Vanilla beans.. NY vanilla have a higher average Vanillin content favoring many manufacturers for making Vanilla extract and have a rich in vanilla flavor and taste profile that stands out in baking applications. Apart from cooking, the vanilla pods beans can also be combined with other brown flavors such as nuts and additional sweet notes including caramel, honey, maple, and spicy notes like cinnamon. To sum it up New York Vanilla pods Beans are reasonably priced and are at par with Madagascar Grade A Vanilla Beans.

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Our African Story and the people we impact

Essence of Africa” as the name suggests brings you the soul of the African continent through its superior produce grown and processed in the heart of Africa, by Africans.

Essence of Africa entered the agro and food processing sector with one single goal of promoting Africa’s farming community to the outer world and providing the consumers with its finest products.

Essence of Africa maintains the highest standard in farm practices and processing; the very best and reliable techniques are applied to produce the right quality and maintain the full flavor/aroma and nutrients of the products.

Essence of Africa has developed a sustainable model of production and supply chain which starts from the farm and ends at consumers table with satisfaction to all stakeholders at every rank.

Effectively, the aim is to provide our partners, from the largest Multinationals in Europe & the USA to small/medium wholesalers in Asia a one-stop-shop for all their needs of exotic herbs and spices.


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