Baobab Powder

International Certification: EU Organic certification and NOP Organic certification
Min Quantity: Powders 20 kg
Organic: Yes – Certified
Samples: Yes
Dropshipping: Yes
Packaging Description: sacks
Product Description:
Our baobab powder comes from Tanzania. The pulp of the baobab fruit tastes fruity and sour due to its vitamin C content. The powder dissolves easily in liquids and can be integrated into the daily menu in many ways. Endurance athletes in particular enjoy the many benefits of baobab fruit powder. In Africa, baobab pulp is often eaten as a candy. Due to its vitamin C content, it tastes fruity and sour. In this country, baobab is mainly used by endurance athletes. The powder is easily soluble in water and has binding properties, which is why it is suitable for cooking and baking.

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Our African Story and the people we impact

Since 2013 the africrops! GmbH from Berlin, Germany has been importing various African plant products – marketing them under their own brand “The Essence of Africa“, as well as providing them to company clients in bulk quantities. By trading these products we pursue the aim of promoting a sustainable development in Africa. Combining developmental goals with commercial objectives is a decisive factor to ensure the sustainability of this development.Sustainability in our understanding is based on 3 pillars:- environment- social situation- economical situationafricrops! producers are all personally advised, audited and trained by our team. Through this close cooperation we are able to build reliable, long-term business relations. Through the consultation and training we provide to our partners, we are able to increase productivity, as well as the quality of the products produced. Throughout the cooperation we take into account the respective environments, as well as the needs and the opportunities of each partner.A special outcome of our work is the first African organic farming training center in Vasdraai, Namibia. This facility has been officially recognized – and is now funded by – the Namibian state. It is the first official vocational training center for organic farming in Sub-Saharan Africa. Here young individuals from marginalized communities are trained. With these well-trained, competent workers we are able to produce high quality products on the one hand. On the other hand young people are introduced to the untapped potential in the agricultural sector, promoting entrepreneurial activity and developing the local market.We call our approach “dual – but not german”. Under supervision trainees are introduced into the production process. africrops! brings the markets, so that income can already be generated at this point.africrops! products are organic and raw food quality. This increases the demand in the global market and allows our partners to successfully take part in global trade. This greatly increases the income possibilities of the producers. We always trade directly with our partners and abstain from working with traders and speculators.Our team possesses many years experience in Africa and especially in the developmental sector, but also in the German industry.We pursue and live the idea of making African partners independent of aid in order to work together fairly and on eyelevel. The economic success of all partners in the value chain is an important aspect to us.Fairness in our eyes is not only important between trade partners, but throughout the entire value chain. This includes producers, africrops! and the client.We call it “Fair cooperation on eyelevel!”


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